Biscayne Ridge is located on the mountains above the town of Marble Colorado. It comprises 35 private acres surrounded by millions of acres of pure wilderness. The area is enclosed by the White River National Forest, the Marroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness, and the Raggeds Wilderness, some of the most remote and unspoiled mountain areas in all of Colorado.

The mountain town of Marble is situated at 8,000 feet in the heart of the Colorado Rockies and flanked by the majestic peaks of the Elk Mountains Range. Marble is at the end of County road 3 and accessible only by Colorado route 133.

Even though Marble is only just over one hour from Aspen and under two hours from Vail, Marble feels far from civilization and almost untouched by time. The town has 133 year-round residents. People who live here enjoy the mountains and like being surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery of the Rockies. There are no traffic lights, shops, gas-stations or cellphones within 30 minutes of Marble.